Bulgarian Capital Sofia Offers Good Investment Potential For Investors

New investment opportunities are available in the Bulgarian capital Sofia despite extensive development in other Bulgarian areas. Since joining the EU in the beginning of the year, Bulgaria has enjoyed a higher profile and increased foreign interest – a trend that is expected to continue. It is discussed that Sofia has strong potential for investors looking for a longer term approach, with properties that are likely to appreciate in value and high tenant demand for the foreseeable future https://www.travelwithwinny.com/bulgaria-sofia-travel/.

Some of the coastal areas are already over-developed or there is a high number of developments going up.With Sofia being the capital of Bulgaria it would be very difficult to lose because investors would be looking at a longer term market. National and foreign experts have highlighted eastern European city centres as offering positive capital growth and relative investment stability compared to other regions.

The Bulgarian capital city of Sofia is planned to expand to the north in order to meet the rising demand for high-quality real estate in the region, according to city planners. The plans will involving the development of residential complexes to the north of Sofia and will be part of a long-term project from the city in order to ensure ongoing investment from overseas as well as continued real estate growth in the region.

In particular, the country’s continued development of key tourist attractions such as spa and wine tours are helping to ensure a long-term future for the region thus rural buyers are likely to see a substantial financial benefit to their property purchase.

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